Off-Road Overhaul is an entertaining builder show that is currently entering its second season on Outdoor Channel’s Motorsport Monday. This show takes a deserving young enthusiast’s 4×4 trucks or Jeep and transforms the enthusiasts vehicle into a high-performance off-road machine with all of the latest in suspension technology, roll cages, light bars, wheels, tires, winches, gun racks, hunting and fishing equipment.

Each episode opens as a lucky off-roader whose Jeep or truck was selected via viewer submissions and drops off the vehicle after providing the host, Mike Duval with a little background information regarding the owner himself. During the building process, Mike will quite literally describe in full detail exactly what is taking place with the variety of products being selected for that episodes build. Upon presentation of the vehicle back to the owner, a considerable amount of time is spent in the very playground for which the newly Off-Road Overhauled vehicle was built, the dirt, trails, sand, and rock crawling.

Your company will make an off-roaders dream come true as their beloved 4-wheeler is customized on television. Your company’s products, logos and branded messages can be delivered to Outdoor Channels more than 34 million audited viewers as an integral part of each episode through the use of product placement segments, technical tips, shop banners, stickers, patches, and factoids on screen for an incredibly affordable price.

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